Wear And Tear Tips For A Car Cargo Carrier

When you have a roof top cargo carrier on your car, it can be very useful when you have to carry a lot of things. However, one must remember this part of the car has to be well maintained too, if you want to get the best use out of your cargo carrier.

Here are some tips to reduce the wear and tear of the aerodynamic roof cargo carrier:


When you are packing your things into this cargo carrier, you need to distribute the weight properly. This will not only ensure your luggage does not keep shifting inside, thereby hitting the sides and damaging the carrier from the inside, but will aid in better driving comfort too. Also, you things will not get damaged either.


When you are packing up all that luggage, you must keep track of the maximum limit. Different carriers have different limits and it is important to read the manual and know the limit before packing your carrier. This will ensure your carrier’s life is extended.


When a carrier is installed on your car, the height of your vehicle is increased. One must be aware of this when they are driving under bridges and drive through restaurants. These places generally have a low hanging railing to prevent big vehicles from coming. Though your vehicle makes the cut for vehicles that can pass through, the added cargo carrier may be a problem. Ensuring the carrier does not hit anything above will prevent unnecessary damages.

Instruction Manual

Go through the instruction manual carefully before installing or using the carrier. Each manufacturer has a different set of rules and it is better to follow them. Not following them can lead to accidents and damages to the carriers.


Just like you clean your car, you will have to clean this carrier too. It is carrying a lot of things and it is better to keep it clean, to ensure there are no leaks or spills from your items, that can cause any damage to the carrier.